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 Life Of Sadguru Om Malati Mataji is an example of the perfect balance of spiritualism in material life. She was determined to achieve self-realization while living a homely life. As the Bhagawad Gita says – the state of yoga of a person is reflected by the perfection in action. She has played a vital role in putting the scriptural and spiritual principles in practice. This has put to rest all doubt and confusion in our mind that sincere spiritual growth is impossible while being at home. Of course, doing spiritual practice while living a materialistic life was like walking on a tight rope, but with her strong faith in her Guru she could achieve her goal.

Sadguru Om Malati Mataji received guidance from her Gurudev Swami Sivanand Sarswati. She met him briefly only three or four times personally before he left his body. But she is blessed with his guidance throughout her life while in meditation. She also received blessings and guidance from several other rishis and saints of the ancient times during her sadhana.

Normally it is believed  that one should not share spiritual experiences with anyone. However Sadguru Om Malati Mataji thinks otherwise. She shared this knowledge with all seekers in this path. This is true guru-diksha (initiation) and will spread light on the path of darkness where the seekers are struggling to experience self-realization. She advised present generation to come forward and study this astonishing knowledge which cannot be proved by scientific experiments, yet it can be experienced by one’s own sadhana. This knowledge is a true gift to entire mankind. H.H. Om Malati Mataji became brahmaleen (Left her worldly abode) on 23rd November 2009. As per Gurumaa's instruction her body was placed in the Samadhi Sthal at Tapovan in Miraj. Her samadhi sthal has become a permanent source of divine energy for all. Devotees from all over India came as soon as they heard the news to take her last Darshan. Gurumaa was Sanyasini so SHODASHEE (a celebration for 16 days) followed with chanting of mantras, recitations from holy books, meditation and various Poojas were performed. "

Here is what she wants to say, in her own words.


Blessings to all the seekers

Om Namo Narayanay

Om namo Bhagavate Sivananday

In the year 1956, I woke up to a great golden morning in my life. [For me] it marked the sunrise of our nation, our religion, and our great culture. From that moment, my ordinary routine life began to feel trivial because it was as if this golden morning of my life had awakened my inner-consciousness.

Where did this awakening occur? It happened on the banks of the sacred Ganges in the Ashram of His Holiness Swami Sivananda. While I was in the prime of my youth, fulfilling family life, the boat of my life began its journey from devotion to liberation. Hence the journey, which was very meticulous, yet full of financial hurdles, started becoming very easy. The darkness in the chamber of my mind came to an end and my life’s journey began on an illuminated path. It felt as if the sacred Mother Ganges removed the veil of attachment from my life, and enveloped me with happiness woven with love, devotion, alertness and austerity. 

From that day, peace, joy, love and prosperity began to dwell in my life. Everyone, from small children to elders in the family, became joyous, peaceful, and contended. At this juncture with the world around me full of joy, peace, and satisfaction, the boat of my life began to sail from devotion towards liberation (Mukti) and my journey gained tremendous speed.

 How did this happen? As I have said before, it was only due to my loving, kind , compassionate, and generous Master Param Gurudev Swami Sivananda, who had the towering greatness like Himalayas, whom I met at the bank of river Ganges.

Now everyday I would be blessed by my Master in Hrishikesh with the nectar of divine knowledge, which was akin to getting the holiness of river Ganges at my home in Delhi.

Blissfully whatever I received, in 1992, I was ordered to distribute this nectar of wisdom amongst all human beings.

 I have tasted the nectar, which

I am giving to everyone,

O! all devotees,

do not say you had enough !

Om Malatidevi

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